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“Since 2011, when people rose up against Bashar al Assad’s regime in Syria as part of the Arab Spring, there has been a radical democratic experiment taking place in the predominantly Kurdish area in the north of the country (Rojava).

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There's a big spectrum on this -- not everyone falls into an entirely male or female category -- meaning the term includes a lot of gray area. "When in doubt," Monika says, "just say 'trans.' It's a baggage-free abbreviation, umbrella, and identity for a large percentage of the community -- and won’t be read as offensive or rude.

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In 2005, she was voted the celebrity with the 'best dressed' hair in a nationwide survey.

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Good job if you're just getting out of college and don't care about the pay and need experience. The company executives, site directors, and management, make the most money leaving those who are the worker ants to make very little salaries.