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** Remember, if you are copying and pasting the Thai script, make sure you edit the “khrup” and “ka” accordingly at the end before you send it to your date/GF/BF. The “ra” in “tho-ra-sap” goes up in tone and the “sap” goes down in tone. “Daa” uses the Thai letter ‘Dtor dow', which is a mix of the letter ‘T' and ‘D'. (“Pised” is pronounced “piss-ed”) As always, use ‘chan' instead of ‘phom' if you are a woman.“Dai” goes up in tone and “mai” goes down in tone). However, when writing in phonetic form we tend to use ‘D' because it's a closer translation. (“Yim” goes upwards in tone, “suuway” goes downwards in tone). “Seksee” sounds just like “sexy” but with the syllables sustained longer and an upward tone). ——————————————————————– If you want to learn more Thai to further impress your girlfriend or potential dates, I highly recommend registering a free account with Thai Pod101.Once you have read through the phrases below, move along to the video at the bottom of the page.

Meine Daten Größe: 160cm Gewicht: 63 kg Beruf: Verkäuferin Sprachen: Thai Kinder: 2 (Junge 15, Mädchen 7) Hobbys: Musik hören, TV, Kochen Looking for: 40-60 not smoke drink little ok and not too big body and nice and kind warm and love family Height: 156 cm Weight:54 kg Children: no kid Work: teacher kinder Languages: Thai english Hobbies: listen song look movie look movie Partnerwunsch: Naphat ist z. in Deutschland (bis 19.9.2017) und wohnt in unserem Haus in 52379 Langerwehe. Ich lebe zusammen mit meinem Stiefvater ( Schweizer) und meiner Mutter in Koh Samui. Sternzeichen: Scorpio Beruf: Food saleling Sprachen: Thai, English Kinder: 1 (22 Jahre alt) Hobbys:looking Movie, work in Garden Partnerwunsch: Ich suche einen Mann,älter 35-40 Jahre, High 170 cm., Weight 75 kg., have a stable career, good Heart , friendly , Nichtraucher und Wenigtrinker, für eine gemeinsame Zukunft. Remember, each of these phrases/questions should have the male/female pleasantry attached to the end.If you're a man say “Khrup”, often sounds like “cup”, and if you're a lady say “Ka” at the end of each sentence. (“Suai” has a downward tone”.) (“Law” has a downward tone and is pronounced more like “lor” rather than “law”).Dating quality single people at our Thailand online dating site is totally 100% free.You will definetly enjoy our Thailand free dating services.

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