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The discourse on human trafficking as modern day slavery, especially concerning child trafficking, is a pretty straightforward one.

Unlike voluntary sex work which is more ambiguous, trafficking is both illegal and immoral from every perspective, be it the question of human freedom or the violence that a trafficked person undergoes.

Brenda opened her Instagram account in 2012 and publicly shared photos of her everyday student and family life, reflections and thoughts.7.

Indian Ensemble’s recent play #supernova (written by Rahul Rai and directed by Abhishek Majumdar), which premiered on 3rd June 2017 at Goethe Institut in Bangalore, is one such serious attempt to engage with these questions in the context of global human trade of our times.#supernova is a story of an adolescent boy Santosh from Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India, who gets trafficked through an elaborate yet hidden network of human trafficking, which has been made possible through the web of digital technologies.It is a challenge which the policy makers and law enforcers have been struggling with persistently at the operational level, which at the same time has raised serious questions about the unconscious psyche of modern day societies.With the constant pursuit to address the social evils of our times, we have ended up in establishing more norms and codes of morality and legality.My student told me that, in his culture, it was a sign of respect for your teacher if you give them a ‘permanent’ kind of present.It was his way of telling me I had made a difference and I was touched.

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The laws are stringent against trafficking and so is the discourse against it.

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