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Any delay in bringing the defendant before the court shall not affect the allowable time for arraignment, regardless of the reason for the delay. The defendant shall be arraigned not later than 14 days after the date the complaint or citation and notice is filed in court, if the defendant is (i) detained in a county or city jail in the county where the charges are pending, or (ii) subject to conditions of release imposed in connection with the same charges. The defendant shall be arraigned not later than 14 days after that appearance which next follows the filing of the complaint or citation and notice, if the defendant is not detained in such jail or subject to such conditions of release.That date shall constitute the arraignment date for purposes of Cr RLJ 3.3.A party who fails to object as required shall lose the right to object, and the arraignment date shall be conclusively established as the date upon which the defendant was actually arraigned. If the defendant appears without counsel, the court shall inform the defendant of his or her right to have counsel before being arraigned.However, if one spouse needs immediate support, wants child custody, or desires possession of the home, a quick filing helps secure temporary court relief sooner.

From a legal standpoint, it does not make much difference who files first in most states, other than receiving any psychological satisfaction by moving to end a dead marriage.At that hearing, Greebel's lawyer Reed Brodsky warned Matsumoto that in addition to proclaiming Greebel's innocence, he would attack Shkreli as "a liar and a deceiver" who was guilty not only of the charged conduct, but also of other alleged crimes. Shkreli's lies." In turn, Shkreli's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, has indicated that he will use a so-called reliance on counsel defense, which would effectively argue that Shkreli's alleged conduct was done in the belief that it was legal because his attorney, Greebel, had said so.Prosecutors accuse Shkreli, with Greebel's assistance, of looting a pharmaceuticals firm he had founded, Retrophin, out of millions of dollars to pay off investors he was accused of defrauding at hedge funds he had operated. Matsumoto, in her ruling Wednesday, said, "Although the court finds that the defendants have not shown that their defenses are mutually antagonistic, or that the risk of spillover prejudice is so great that severance is warranted, the court has serious concerns that under the unique circumstances presented, trying the defendants together would present a serious risk that Shkreli will not receive a constitutionally fair trial." The judge went on to say that, "A joint trial would place on Shkreli an unfair and heavy burden in defending himself against both the government and Greebel." "Severance is granted because of the stated intention of Greebel's counsel, in his declaration ...Uncontested divorces, where the spouses resolve all the issues and merely seek approval from the judge, are much quicker and more economical.Does it matter which spouse files for divorce first?

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Harassment and abuse may also take place outside of a dating or domestic relationship, including in the workplace, housing, or an educational institution.

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