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Sustained excellence in education, research, and innovation demands that we identify, recruit, and retain the most talented individuals from all genders, from all races, and from all cultures; diversity and inclusion are recognized as essential.In the same way that EECS at MIT is a world leader in research, education, and innovation, we seek to lead in achieving a welcoming community with increased diversity.The focus here was primarily on the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and how it interacts with and accommodates persons with disabilities in displacement situations.In these two case studies, the responsible institutions (the Australian Immigration Department and UNHCR respectively) acknowledge that refugees and asylum seekers may need particular assistance or accommodation due to their diversity.It focuses on the assessment of credibility in Australian asylum procedures.Using critical discourse analysis, I evaluate credibility assessment guidelines for asylum appeal decision makers, along with a selection of published decisions.This paper presents the findings of a survey of individuals with disabilities focused on identifying and better understanding the factors that influence the disclosure decision.

Given demographic trends related to disability in the labor force and recent initiatives to increase the employment of individuals with disabilities, it is increasingly important that employers create an environment that encourages disclosure and reduces the likelihood of negative consequences for employees and applicants who disclose their disabilities.EECS at MIT works hard to add the best talent: students, staff, and faculty.Underlying all that we strive for are excellence, meritocracy, and integrity; these values are our guiding principles.Disclosing a disability to a potential or current employer is a very personal decision, with potentially far-reaching consequences for both the employer and employee.Disability disclosure can assure that employees receive appropriate workplace accommodations, and can help employers respond more effectively to diversity and inclusion initiatives aimed at increasing the hiring and retention of individuals with disabilities.

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Our success in our academic and research endeavors depends vitally upon our ability to achieve our very best — as individuals, as teams, and as a community.

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