Methods of accomodating cultural differences

The focus here was primarily on the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and how it interacts with and accommodates persons with disabilities in displacement situations.

In these two case studies, the responsible institutions (the Australian Immigration Department and UNHCR respectively) acknowledge that refugees and asylum seekers may need particular assistance or accommodation due to their diversity.

For example, an employee may feel that sexual orientation or a hidden disability cannot be revealed due to fear of reprisals.

This type of ‘closed’ environment can significantly impact an individual’s involvement in the organization, potentially resulting in low staff morale, increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and retention difficulties.

Our ability to give every child a chance to succeed in school depends upon a full understanding of culture and learning styles.

After all, effective educational decisions and practices must emanate from an understanding of the ways that individuals learn.

They are important because we need all the information we can get to help every learner succeed in school and because our understanding of the learning process is the basis for decisions about curriculum and instruction.

They are important because success for the diverse populations that schools serve calls for continual reexamination of educators' assumptions, expectations, and biases.

Using critical discourse analysis, I evaluate credibility assessment guidelines for asylum appeal decision makers, along with a selection of published decisions.

Organizational leaders play an important role in setting the tone for the shift towards increased diversity and inclusiveness in an organization.

Open, effective communication, as well as clear channels for feedback optimizes the opportunity for discussion of issues related to inclusion and discrimination.

Once an organization has successfully modified their recruitment and hiring practices to reach a more diverse audience, the next step is to successfully engage and support them as employees.

Visit the following HR Toolkit sections for information on HR practices that support an organization’s ability to engage and retain diverse teams.

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However, the culture of the institution itself can create difficulties.

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