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But when she went to log on and was asked to enter her mother's maiden name in the security questions, Aaisha was informed that the correct answer was invalid.Concerned that someone might have hacked in to her account, Aaisha decided to call the phone network.A spokesperson for O2 said:"We've spoken to Ms Hussain and apologised for the experience she's had when contacting us recently. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our customers and we fell short on this occasion. Adult phone text models are always in demand and we have many models that like to participate in this completely anonymous service.She often has “dozens of sexually explicit phone conversations” each week, according to the suit, and the calls average about six minutes each.Cannon claims she is paid 10 cents per minute — or per hour — to talk at that rate, but if the average dips below six minutes, her rate allegedly falls to 7 cents per minute, for a total hourly pay of .20.If you ever wanted to know what happens on a chat line this film, without question, reveals all.

Cannon alleges that the company engaged in a “pattern of intentional manipulation and exploitation” to cheat workers out of their earnings, and violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying them as little as .20 per hour.

But what she found out was that her mum's maiden name had been changed on the system to 'Idiot' - not only being pretty damn insulting, but also effectively locking her out of her account. reports Aaisha said: "It's so childish of them to do this, it's embarrassing.

I'm utterly disgusted with what has happened and how I've been treated.

Once performed by operators at call centers, now, thanks to telephone technology, it can now take place in the chat girl's own home.

The phone system is such you can 'log on' and 'log off' when it suits as the working hours are any time you like, 24/7. As for setting up your own chat line from home that's a pretty straightforward thing to do and, just as the two girls did in the film, you can make big bucks this way.

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