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When you get even bigger in scale you get an Empire with a Dark Secret.My Greatest Failure is a particularly common type of Dark Secret, and it is often an element of a Dark and Troubled Past or a Mysterious Past and revealed in a Troubled Backstory Flashback.There are two standard reactions to these coming out.

Using the virtual reality of personal web-cams, and a reverse gender 'peeping tom' website, she maps the diary of her psyche and exorcises her obsession with video and mysandry, by cam- recording men from windows and stairwells in the night, to then offer up the footage to online voyeurs.Logitech has taken its more than 20 years of hardware experience and created its best ever webcam.The new Logitech Brio 4K Pro Webcam launches today for 9, but the high price is matched by a high number of features.Logitech has paired 4K recording with HDR, and the company’s latest Right Light features to improve low-light situations.If you’re used to holding video calls in dimly lit rooms, then the addition of HDR should improve image quality and avoid some of the typical lighting issues associated with webcam feeds.

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The C920 is easy to set up on both OS X and Windows and it has handy (but entirely optional) software for both operating systems.

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