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The error message: ' Name' is not a valid named attribute argument.Named attribute arguments must be fields which are not readonly, static, or const, or read-write properties which are public and not static.[Column(Name="Table Column Name")]@Satish Yes, it does have the value I entered in the form.I can't use [Column(Name="Table Column Name")] though, it gets underlined in red in VS.Please bear with my noobness, I'm super new to Asp. Basically what I want to do is to update a table in my database from information entered into a form.I have a registration form with several options: Does model. Can you profile the db and find get the actual insert statement is?Form("status") & "'," UPDATE tblseats SET status='',cust_forename='',cust_surname='',cust_book_id='',cust_address='',cust_postcode='',cust_area_code='',cust_tel_number='',cust_cc='' WHERE seat = '" & Request.

Form("cust_surname") & "'," sql=sql & "cust_book_id='" & Request.

Configuration; public partial class Update Data Base : System.

Now mage change the field value and click update button.

It’s an older article but it’s been one of the more popular ones on this site, and the resource provider described has been picked up (based on feedback received) by quite a good number of developers.

In the last month I put a bit of effort into cleaning up the original provider and the result is a more formal Westwind.

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