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JEWISH LIFE IN THE MIDDLE AGES ABRAHAMS d- ^^ ^^'^ JEWISH LIFE IN THt: MIDDLE AGES BY ISRAEL ABRAHAMS, M. Such 1 Full accounts of the various anti-Jewish Bulls, dating from the energetic crusade of John of Capistrano in the middle of the fifteenth century, may be found in Graetz, History of the Jews (E. The Jews who offend in this matter shall incur the penalties of a fine of lo scudt imprisonment; Christians, a similar fine and corporal punishment. It may be answered that the Jews on the whole reciprocated the feehngs with which they were regarded by the rest of the world. The proverbial bitterness of the odium theologicum did not interfere with friendly intercourse between Jews and Christians until the thirteenth century. The Barcelona disputation in 1263, at which Pablo met a sturdy foeman in the noted Rabbi and mystic Nachmanides, was followed by what was worse than confiscation of the Talmud, namely, by its censorship by the Dominicans. Rabbis in the fifteenth century freely invited Christians to their houses, and visited them in their own abodes^. So, too, the customs alluded to in the eighteenth and nineteenth century Responsa^ are sometimes described as 'very old' — an epithet which is probably deserved. 1896 \^All rights reserved 1 OXFORD HORACE HART, PRINTER TO THE UNIVERSITY TO MY WIFE PREFACE Though I have everywhere referred to the works from which I have derived incidental facts, or from which I have borrowed quotations, there are three writers to whom I should like to express my more general indebtedness. Jacobs many valuable suggestions made while this book was passing through the printer's hands. Bacher of Buda-Pesth, who kindly read the proof-sheets and gave me some useful hints. these gentlemen for the services which they so readily rendered. Schechter, Reader in Rabbinic in the Cambridge University, I learned in years gone by my first real lessons in research ; he introduced me to authorities, he gave me facts from the store-house of his memory, and theories from the spring of his original thought. When the French Revolution was well in sight, there was issued in Rome an Edict against the Jews, which forms a black page in the history of humanity ^ This Edict, which merely recapitulates and codifies old enactments, is completely anti-social. shall not be allowed in palaces, houses, or vineyards, in the streets, in taverns, in neither shops nor any other place. Some Jewish authorities, however, permitted it in order to encourage friendly intercourse *. The extraordinary fact is not that Jews and Christians so rarely formed friendships in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ; the marvel is that they formed such friendships century, but they become far severer in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. In the course of their replies, murh information is often given relating to far earlier periods.

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